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  • Discover our Baby Collection hand-knitted with love by grannies
    Discover our Baby Collection hand-knitted with love by grannies
  • And for children...
    And for children...
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    Join our knitting classes

Quality Yarns

Mamie et Moi's layette :100% Merino Baby


During his first few weeks, the newborn needs to maintain his body temperature. How can I help him to do this? By covering him with natural fibers: wool and cotton.
Newborns do not yet regulate their own body temperature (this can take several days see weeks depending on the infant). It is therefore crucial to cover them with several layers of natural and breathable materials. Avoid as much as possible synthetic fabrics (acrylic, nylon, polyester, etc.) and use essentially wool and cotton. Mamie et Moi has chosen, as most quality baby cloths do, to use a 100% Merino wool which is perfectly adapted for the delicate skin of babies. It does not scratch; it is soft, fine and warm. Another benefit is that it is machine washable!

Remember to bring to the delivery room a small bag with an outfit the midwives will put on your baby. We strongly recommend you bring (apart from a onesie), a small vest, a little hat and a pair of baby merino bootees.

Children collection's yarn

In addition to the Merino Baby, Mamie et Moi uses for its collections, 3 quality yarns:

  • A 100% organic wool
  • Amixture of wool and bamboo fiber
  • Amixture of cotton and bamboo fiber

These 4 threads come from two different wool suppliers based in France and Italy, who operates chiefly within the EU .

In order to fulfil as much as possible your requests in terms of custom-made knitting, we work in close collaboration with, an eshop specializing in great quality wools. Thanks to both her know-how of materials and knitting expertise, Laure helps us offer you the best adapted yarn for your project.