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  • Discover our Baby Collection hand-knitted with love by grannies
    Discover our Baby Collection hand-knitted with love by grannies
  • And for children...
    And for children...
  • Join our knitting classes
    Join our knitting classes

Grandma, best teacher ever !

Following the success of the PicKnits in Luxembourg parks this summer, Grandma is coming back for some”Knitting-Afterworks” !
Once a month, these meetings are a great opportunity for beginners and advanced knitters to learn and practice, with a little help from Grandma.

First Afterwork : 22 of october, in La Buvette des Rotondes, Luxembourg


When it came to her “knitting lessons”, Grandma saw things big ! That’s why she chose the Rotondes, and the famous Jeudiscover to begin with.

Whether you are beginner or more advanced, Mamie et Moi’s team will provide you with a red or blue badge that matches your “knitting level” ( blue badge for beginner, red for advanced). This way you’ll easily get in touch with the dedicated grandmas.

Some Infos:

What do i need to bring ? 
Our partner Woolinspires provides us with the material – wool, needles, hooks, books, etc -, so you don’t need to bring anything. If you prefer to use your own material, feel free to bring it.
When and Where ?
22 of october 2015 from 7 PM to 9 PM in la Buvette des Rotondes
How to get there?
By bus, car, bike… Infos ici
How much is it ?
20 euros
It includes payment for our grannies, the material, and a drink.
Be cautious, the places are limited
Pss : Your ticket includes a drink, so don’t forget to toast with Grandma !