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    Discover our Baby Collection hand-knitted with love by grannies
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Grandma’s blog!

Café Tricot: ils reviennent en 2019 !

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Les Cafés Tricot de Mamie et Moi existent depuis plus de 2 ans. Les voilà de retour en 2019 pour 3 premières dates :

Les vendredi 3 mai, 7 juin, et 5 juillet de 10h à 12h au Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg.


L’idée : permettre aux amateurs et aux curieux de (re) découvrir la pratique du tricot dans une ambiance conviviale, au sein d’un des plus beaux Musées de la Ville de Luxembourg.

Pendant deux heures, autour d’une tasse de café ou de thé, vous pourrez échanger avec les autres participant(e)s pour apprendre ou améliorer votre technique.  Ces rencontres entre cultures et générations sont ouvertes à tous et rencontrent un franc succès !

Attention, le nombre de places est limité, nous vous conseillons de réserver la votre en nous écrivant à

  • Gratuit pour les adhérents Mamie et Moi
  • Les participants non adhérents sont invités (dans la mesure de leurs moyens) à soutenir l’association en faisant un don de 5 euros par atelier.
  • Lieu : Salle pédagogique du Letzebuerg City Museum – 14, rue du Saint-Esprit- L-1475 Luxembourg

Une question ?
Ecrivez-nous à

Mamie et Moi is looking for a local storage space !

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Dear friends who follow Mamie’s adventures, today we need you, more than ever!
We are looking to switch storage spaces in the beginning of October — a space within Luxembourg City or nearby. Our needs in terms of priority are as follows:
•a small, safe, clean, lockable storage space in order for us to keep our materials and our stock (wool, products, accessories and books). The space we have used until now measured +/- 10 m2 and suited our needs quite well.
•If possible we would love to have the possibility of installing a table for 2 workspaces so that we can have a (small) office for the ASBL.
•if we are really lucky, we will find a lovely room where we can gather with our knitting mamies on a regular basis as well as hold our regular one-to-one knitting lessons.
•if perfection is within our grasp, this location would have a window or display space where we could show off our wonderful Mamie et Moi offerings!
If you own or know of a space which matches even one of these requirements, or have information to pass along, please contact us quickly: or by telephone on +352 691 822 511 (Camille)
A million thanks for your help,
Camille, Cristina and the Knitting Grannies.


Mamie comes back to knit in the park !

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From July the 16th until September the 10th, join Mamie et Moi to knit in the Villa Vauban’s garden !

Since 2015 and for the 4th time, Mamie et Moi would love to have you join us this summer : let’s all knit together in the park at Villa Vauban!

Two hours of friendship, every week, around a skein of wool and a pair of needles.

Whatever your age, your language or your level of knitting expertise, you are welcome !
The material can be borrowed on-site
Free entrance
From 3pm to 5pm
Where :
Villa Vauban’s garden, 18 avenue Émile Reuter,  Luxembourg
When: Mondays
16th of July
23th of July
30th of July
6th of August

20th of August

27th of August
3d of September
10th of September
Infos :




World Wide Knit In Public Day 2018

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Join us at the number one knitting meetup in Luxembourg, on the 9th of June from 11:00-12:00!

Whether just curious or totally addicted, you are all welcome.

Every year for the past three years, Mamie et Moi has joined forces with Woolinspires to share our ideas and our resources in celebrating Knit in Public Day in Luxembourg.  Our joint objective is to gather together both the beginners and the experienced knitters around our common interest in knitting, to bring it into the street, make it visible, fun and participatory. 

Why?  Because we are convinced that knitting just needs a makeover in order to fulfill its path to being an efficient crossroads to forge links between people, nationalities and generations.

For 2018 we want to bring knitting into the heart of the city center and so we are organizing the first “HappeningTricot” that Luxembourg has ever seen.

Participants meet at 11 am sharp
Benches will be installed on the Place du Theatre so that participants can sit and knit for the next hour. Those who wish to may leave an empty spot next to them in order to welcome those passers-by who would like to stop and learn about and how to knit.
At noon, everyone is thanked, cheered, and be free to pursue their day.

When and where :

Place du Théâtre, L-2613 Luxembourg , Saturday, the 9th of June -11 am -12 am


Mamie knits for Hollywood !

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Are you sitting comfortably? Mamie is going to tell you an unbelievable (but true) story that happened only a few months ago…
Everything started back in September 2016, thanks to Emmanuelle de Villemejane, Mamie et Moi’s super stylist: “Vincent, a friend who is a costume designer for the movies needs hand-knitted woolen caps for a movie that he’s working on. Do you think that your Granny network would be able to recreate a series of 19th century winter caps? A lot of them? In very little time?”  And how! A new challenge for our Grannies, we’re on it!
Like you we were dying to know more about the movie in question, so when we found out that our knits were going to be featured in the new TV series produced by Ridley Scott, we had to work really hard to “keep calm and carry on” and not start dancing on the tabletop! The series, called The Terror, inspired by actual events, takes place in 1847: a British Royal Navy expedition seeking the Northwest Passage find themselves trapped in freezing ice and soon find themselves under attack by a mysterious creature… (Sensitive souls and those under 12 should stay far away, you’re not likely to enjoy this!)
At any rate, that’s how Paulette, Maria, Mihaela, Renée, Miriam, Catherine, Madeleine, Astrid and others, our Grannies in Lorraine, Luxembourg and Belgium started knitting dozens of welsh wigs, navy balaclavas and giant scarves in raw woolen yarn in order to stay as faithful to the garments of the period. Between October 2016 and March 2017, more than 150 accessories all knitted by Mamie et Moi were shipped via Fedex to different studios in London and in Budapest. Once delivered, our headgear were “distressed” in order to render them even more authentic, aged, used.
The first episode of the series has already aired on the US television network AMC in March 2018, and there we saw our knits onscreen. This time we really danced on the tables!
We’d like to send out our thanks to Vincent and Emmanuelle whose collaboration allowed us to participate in this fabulous experience — this was a real source of motivation, of pride and of optimism for our Grannies and ourselves.
Just a word to the costume designers and accessory buyers of Luxembourg and Hollywood… Mamie is ready and willing to relive the adventure!

The new gift card !

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It’s not always easy to pick a size, a color, a style, especially when it comes to a special hand-made knit, full of meaning… you don’t want to get it wrong!

That’s why Mamie, who is always has your best interests in mind, has developed a gift card solution that you can offer to the person you choose.

How does it work?

first select the gift card in our e-show, you pick the amount that you want to attribute to it (20,30, 40… up to 100 euros), pay online and then enter the address that you want the card shipped to (directly to them or directly to you)

The following information will be printed on the card: the gift-giver, the total amount on the card and the term of validity (1 year). The recipient will also find a unique code written on the card. In order to redeem their gift card, all they have to do is enter that code in our e-shop at the time of purchase

Good to know: the value of the card can be applied to the total cost of the shopping cart! For instance, a 50 euro card can be used not only to order a knitted item alone; with that value, the recipient can buy a 45-euro item and use the balance to cover the signed-for shipping costs within Luxembourg.

So now that we’ve got your interest, just click here to access our online gift cards!

Big hugs from Mamie !


New: You can now pay with credit/debit card online !

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Since January 2018, you can pay on-line with your credit card in our e-shop. The payment procedure is secured – thanks to our SSL certificate – and simple.

To sum up, you can order thousands of Mamie et Moi’s products and pay them with:

  • credit card
  • Paypal (with or without Paypal account)
  • bank transfer
  • Leetchi money pot

Well, now you know everything about Mamie, so… see you soon in our e-shop, and please do not hesitate to share with us your ideas, suggestions, support and feelings about what Mamie et Moi means to you.  


Mamie is coming home to Villa Vauban for Christmas !

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On Monday 27 November, 4 December, 11 December and 19 December
From 15.00-17.00

After the resounding success of our “Knitting on the Grass” meetups this past summer, Mamie is coming home to Villa Vauban for Christmas.
The idea this season is to assist both the curious and the impassioned in the creation of their own handmade Christmas decorations: you can learn to knit a jacquard(fair isle) ornament, a mug cozy so that your won’t burn your fingers, pompoms… knitting in all its many forms in holiday colors of red, gold and white to be hung on your tree or decorate your cup of tea.
These weekly rendez-vous will, as always, facilitate new friendships between many generations and nationalities.
Practical information:

Villa Vauban -18 avenue Emilie Reuter, L-2090 Luxembourg
Materials will be provided
Free entry
We recommend reserving a place in advance :




Mamie fait sa rentrée au “De Lokale Maart”

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Pour certains, la rentrée est un mauvais moment à passer… Pour d’autres, comme Mamie, c’est tout le contraire !

La rentrée est synonyme de nouveaux tricots, nouveaux projets, l’envie de reprendre ses aiguilles pour travailler les plus belles laines se fait sentir ; on a hâte de recroiser dans la rue des petites têtes coiffées de bonnets tricotés par Paulette, des bébés dans leur poussette, bien au chaud dans une veste réalisée par Franca Maria, Mihaela, Renée, …. Bref, Mamie est ravie, en cette rentrée 2017, qui s’annonce riche en évènements:

Le 1er rendez-vous que nous vous fixons est pour le 30 septembre et 1er octobre prochains, à De Lokale Maart. Organisé par Let’z Go Local dans le cadre du Season Opening des Rotondes, ce marché des créateurs, designers et producteurs locaux du Luxembourg est un incontournable de l’agenda de Mamie. Nous y aurons un joli corner dédié aux accessoires d’hiver pour enfants (bonnets, moufles, capes, snoods,… en laine bio) mais aussi notre nouvelle layette pour bébé, en pur mérino italien, d’une douceur à faire craquer les plus réfractaires. Ca sera également l’occasion de vous présenter notre nouveau packaging, mais…. n’en disons pas plus. Le mieux c’est encore de venir nous voir sur place :

De Lokale Maart
Le 30 septembre et 1er octobre 2017
De 10h à 18h aux Rotondes, avenue des Rotondes à Luxembourg Bonnevoie

Plus d’infos sur

“Tricot sur l’Herbe” 2017 – 3d Edition

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From July the 10th until September the 11th, join Mamie et Moi to knit in the Villa Vauban’s garden !

This summer, let’s all knit together in the park at Villa Vauban!

Whatever your age, your language or your level of knitting expertise, Mamie et Moi and Woolinspires would love to have you join us for two hours of friendship, every week, around a skein of wool and a pair of needles.
Our creative idea for the summer season: craft your very own mini-blanket, perfect for sitting on the grass and savoring a moment of respite

The material can be borrowed on-site

Free entrance
From 3pm to 5pm
Where : Villa Vauban’s garden, 18 avenue Émile Reuter,  Luxembourg
When: Every monday
10th of July
17th of July
24th of July
31th of July
7th of August

21th of August

28th of August
4th of September
11th of September