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  • Discover our Baby Collection hand-knitted with love by grannies
    Discover our Baby Collection hand-knitted with love by grannies
  • And for children...
    And for children...
  • Join our knitting classes
    Join our knitting classes

Soutenir Mamie et Moi

Why ?

To fund Mamie et Moi's activities, our Asbl sells hand-knitted products and services such as knitting classes. 

To develop our activities and increase our social impact - number of people impacted, quantity and quality of the workshops, we need your support : 

How to support us?

⇒ As an individual :

1/ Join our organisation; the membership fee is 45 euros a year. It will finance the indispensable material (wool, coffee, tea, biscuits, etc) for our Café Tricot.
Become a member !

2/ A donation of any amount, does make a real difference and would be greatly appreciated. For instance, with a donation of 140 euros, we can organise a 3 hours knitting class with refugees !

3/ Give us your unused knitting material (needles, hooks, books, yarn, etc) We will use it to facilitate the workshops or give it to participants who need it.

You want to know more about making a donation to Mamie et Moi ? Please, contact us here :

⇒ As a professional /a municipality / an institution

1/ We are still looking for a storage and working place in Luxembourg. If by any chance, you have some empty space, enough for 5 boxes and 2 desks, please contact us ! 

2/ Contact Mamie et Moi for your CSR projects : we will be delighted to set up a tailor made proposal for you : special products, workshops with seniors, etc
To know more about our offer for professionals 

3/ Become our Partner and support us by financing our  Cafés Tricot Solidaires. Since 2018, Mamie et Moi facilitates on a volunteer basis, knitting workshops in one of the Croix Rouge Refugees center (Lily Unden Foyer). These workshops are important, as it builds some bridges between "refugees" and "residents". During the workshops, participants can practice the official speaking languages, and learn a relaxing manual activity. Thanks to our grannies advises, our material and yarn, the Lily Unden's residents make their own sweater, scarfs and hat !

You want to know more about it ? Please, contact us here :