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  • Discover our Baby Collection hand-knitted with love by grannies
    Discover our Baby Collection hand-knitted with love by grannies
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    And for children...
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    Join our knitting classes

About us

About Mamie et Moi

Cristina Picco et Camille Alexandre Gouiffes, à l'origine de l'initiative, entourées d'Astrid, Danielle, Maria, Francine et Mihaela, 5 tricoteuses du réseau Mamie et Moi (du haut à gauche en bas à droite)

" Mamie et Moi" intergenerational initiative development

The intergenerational  "Mamie et Moi" project started in 2012. It was based on two leading observations:

  1. the risk of financial insecurity and isolation of the elderly,
  2. the meaning of daily consumption, the interest of younger generations in craft skills such as sewing and knitting.

Sales of handmade products

Based on these observations the project "Mamie et Moi" was initiated. The ambition  was to create links between generations through hand-knitted products for babies and toddlers made  by elderly people, the "Grannies".

On one hand, this scheme allows Grannies to get recognition for their skills and a little extra income, as well as to take part in socializing activities. On the other hand, customers who buy a "Mamie et Moi" item, purchase a local product made with love and with noble raw materials.

Between 2014 and 2018, "Mamie et  Moi" attended  children fashion fairs abroad. In addition, it developed a network of distributors in Luxembourg, Europe, and China and even managed to find a precious collaboration with the team of film director Ridley Scott.

Sales of knitted products certainly succeeded in creating links between generations. Over the years, the transmission of the know-how linked to our Grannies knitting had an even greater impact than initially foreseen.

Knitting meetings

Since 2014, "Mamie et Moi" regularly organizes knitting meetings in cooperation with public and private players:

  • the Museums of the City of Luxembourg
  • local associations such as Cohabit-Age asbl
  • large companies such as KPMG and Société Générale
  • municipalities such as the City of Luxembourg or Bettembourg

During these workshops, participants are naturally inclined to communicate in an open minded and spontaneous manner without feeling blocked by linguistic, cultural or social status differences.

The impact of these workshops is authentic: On each proposed date about 15 and 20 persons participate; friendships are forged; people, who would not have had the opportunity to meet, get together. Exchanges arise around knitting, but quickly lead to more personal conversations, combining listening, exchange of advice, good addresses, etc., all in a friendly and relaxed ambience.

In 2018, "Mamie et Moi"  assessed the impact of its various Grannies activities, in particular to estimate the relevance of the actions in relation to the basic objectives of the initiative.

This reflection led to the development of the "Mamie et Moi" enterprise into a non-profit association, in order to be able to respond in a more relevant way to the intergenerational social challenge.


The objective of the new "Mamie et Moi Asbl" is to foster the intergenerational link in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in order to strengthen solidarity between generations and to optimize "living together" in a context of cultural and generational diversity.

 The Association intervenes "to create opportunities for contact and intergenerational exchanges which make it possible to fight against the isolation of the elderly and at the same time to break stereotypical images of age and prejudices linked to the lack of knowledge of the needs and skills of others. "(Statutes of the Asbl, art. 1).

The association tries to build bridges and to find gateways that allow people to meet and get closer.

This means setting up meetings in the form of workshops, which facilitate the transmission of knowledge and know-how between seniors and younger people, but also between people of different cultures.

At "Mamie et Moi" we observe the following principles:

  • Curiosity towards social innovation: our objective is to explore avenues that highlight the skills and know-how of seniors.
  • Environmental awareness: in our daily actions we are careful to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment
  • Respect of time: time needed to make handmade items, craftsmanship, quality.