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Mamie knits for Hollywood !

Are you sitting comfortably? Mamie is going to tell you an unbelievable (but true) story that happened only a few months ago…
Everything started back in September 2016, thanks to Emmanuelle de Villemejane, Mamie et Moi’s super stylist: “Vincent, a friend who is a costume designer for the movies needs hand-knitted woolen caps for a movie that he’s working on. Do you think that your Granny network would be able to recreate a series of 19th century winter caps? A lot of them? In very little time?”  And how! A new challenge for our Grannies, we’re on it!
Like you we were dying to know more about the movie in question, so when we found out that our knits were going to be featured in the new TV series produced by Ridley Scott, we had to work really hard to “keep calm and carry on” and not start dancing on the tabletop! The series, called The Terror, inspired by actual events, takes place in 1847: a British Royal Navy expedition seeking the Northwest Passage find themselves trapped in freezing ice and soon find themselves under attack by a mysterious creature… (Sensitive souls and those under 12 should stay far away, you’re not likely to enjoy this!)
At any rate, that’s how Paulette, Maria, Mihaela, Renée, Miriam, Catherine, Madeleine, Astrid and others, our Grannies in Lorraine, Luxembourg and Belgium started knitting dozens of welsh wigs, navy balaclavas and giant scarves in raw woolen yarn in order to stay as faithful to the garments of the period. Between October 2016 and March 2017, more than 150 accessories all knitted by Mamie et Moi were shipped via Fedex to different studios in London and in Budapest. Once delivered, our headgear were “distressed” in order to render them even more authentic, aged, used.
The first episode of the series has already aired on the US television network AMC in March 2018, and there we saw our knits onscreen. This time we really danced on the tables!
We’d like to send out our thanks to Vincent and Emmanuelle whose collaboration allowed us to participate in this fabulous experience — this was a real source of motivation, of pride and of optimism for our Grannies and ourselves.
Just a word to the costume designers and accessory buyers of Luxembourg and Hollywood… Mamie is ready and willing to relive the adventure!